What is your morning depression about?

morning depression

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to stay in the big city. But as we know, the pressure in the city life is getting much bigger and bigger, depression becomes epidemic. Let’s take a test to see what is your source of morning depression.


Begin the Test:

You are going to a store that sells meatballs, you saw a variety of balls, which one you like the most?

A) Juicy meatball

B) Pork meatball

C) Pearl meatball

D) Fish meatball


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are depressed simply because you think too much. You’re naturally sensitive, think too much about everything, even some thing has already passed, you will still continuously think about it, and put yourself in pains.


Choose B:      You’re depressed mostly because there are too many villains around you, gossips always hurt you intentionally, you always feel hurt. You are a very honest person, might provoke those villains. The justice power in your heart always encounter difficulties in reality, which makes you feel distressed. As a perfectionism, you are often insecure. You always worry something bad will happen in the future and distress about it.


Choose C:      You are depressed because you feel very insecure. You are a person that don’t get satisfied easily, you’re always unsatisfied about current situation, and then put your hope in the future.


Choose D:      You rarely get depressed, you can always discover the fun and hope in the life. Life is short, you don’t want to waste time depressed over boring things. You think the meaning of life is find happiness, and the only way to get satisfied is to live colorful.


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