What is your muse hysteria index?

muse hysteria

What is your muse hysteria index?

Which red colour accessories will you wear to improve your fortune?


A.    Red thigh boot

B.    Red purse

C.     Red leather coat

D.    Red underwear


Test Results:


A.    You like to get things done as soon as possible and make sure things done neat and tidy. You used to do things independently without rely on others. The way you handle things make your life easier without any distraction by others. The probability of doing mistake is also low because you can master the things always by your own. Hence, your hysteria index is 33.

B.    You are a person who always stands still for your principle. If someone challenges your religion, the person will be in trouble. Actually you are not that dreadful, you only think that people should respect each other, and you also follow what you believe in. Your severity personality and sense of justice make you speak out for something that you think it should be. Hence, your hysteria index is 82.

C.     You often do things in a unique way, which is based on your likes and dislikes. It is difficult for others to know your personalities well. This is because the likes and dislikes are very subjective, and even yourself also cannot decide about it.  You always feel good about yourself, so you will consider a lot when you are angry. You would not want to lose your elegant temperament. You will always control your hysteria index below 45.

D.    You are easily influenced by the groundless information without doubting the reliability of the information. It is not your fault because people tend to believe in the news that spread for too frequent. You will forward those warning type of messages to your friends and relatives. A kind and passion person like you can hardly avoid yourself to be cheated by those facts news.


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