Are you a person with my ambition in life?

my ambition in life

“Ambition”, sometimes can be called “desires“. But not all intentions are bad, most successful people will have my ambition in life. What about yours? Let us look at this test to see whether you are a person with ambition.


Begin the Test:

There are a couple riding roller coaster in the park. When the roller coaster reach the top, the girl says something to the boy, what did you think she said?

A): Wow, look at that beautiful hotel, let’s go there tonight.

B): Wow, look at that beautiful lake.

C): Ah, I’m scared.

D): Oh crap, I think there’s something wrong.


Test Result:

Choose A:  You are a person with ambition, you want to be successful in your career. You have a plan to achieve your gold and you are following your plans. It’s very difficult to make you back out on your path. You will face the difficulties directly, and will eventually be successful, and earn people’s respect and admire.


Choose B:  You are a person with strong opinions and the ambition. You are very smart, you know not to expose your ambitions, but at the right moment you will strike you goal. Of course you will have a process, you’re not one of those idiots that were only oversee and the not do anything. Therefore people would not be surprised when you reach your goal.


Choose C:  Your ambition is about average. That’s mainly because you are a lonely person, you like to do things on your own, not very good at team cooperation. You are lack of patience and flexibility. You will back down when you encounter some difficulties.But of course, if you can find someone who are like-minded, and encourage each other, you can also achieve your goal.


Choose D:  You are the type of person who only thought of ambition. You often overstating yourself, don’t really take action on your plan. You always think too much and worry too much, and can’t take any actions. Your mind is like a giant but your action is like a dwarf. You should be more brave and go take the first step, and your future shall be bright.



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