What kind of my christmas love do we have?

my christmas love

What kind of my christmas love do we have?

When the Christmas bell rings, what do you most expect from the partner to give you a Christmas gift?

A: A ticket to the Christmas party
B: A coupon from the shopping mall.
C: An invitation letter to a romantic Christmas dinner
D: Any gift is fine.


A: Hedonic lovers。Enjoyment is the principle of your love. Life is like a party, it should be a fun party. You like to get along with all kinds of people, hunt for the freshness and excitement of love, enjoy the pleasure of pursuing and being pursued. Many people think that you are too fancy, but you feel that the experience of seeking love is worthwhile. As long as you have the opportunity, your heart can be opened for many people at the same time.

B: A realistic lover. Whether you think love lasts for a long time or not, fit each other is the real key. You are a super-pragmatic love. Not only have you carefully looked at yourself, but you have also clearly described and expected your ideal partner. You know that people with background and conditions are suitable for you. You are convinced that the most important purpose of love and marriage is to improve your situation.

C: Romantic lovers. Your love style can be described by the word romance. You believe that love at first sight, that love has a chemical effect. You are eager for a strong love, and you believe that only when both parties are in agreement you can have perfect results. So you like the exquisite love environment and enjoy the sweet feeling brought by romance.

D: Devotional lovers. In the eyes of others, your spirit of attachment in love is incredible, and there are often impulses to apply for the Nobel Peace Prize. However, for you, love is a verb. Only through selfless efforts you can express the essence of true love, so you think that the partner’s happiness is the best result. You have a super strong energy.


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