What is my current location in the team?

my current location

In a team, there are leaders and followers. What is my current location in a team? Take look at the question below.

Begin the Test:

If you are in a university and want to form a band, you form a band with many talented friends. So, what is your position in the band?
A) Keyboard player
B) Guitarist
C) Vocal
D) Drummer

Test Result:

Choose A:      In your opinion, fighting between people and people for profit is the least interesting. You are very impatient with this sort of thing. Maybe someone else is in a position to argue about a certain interest, but you are enjoying yourself in your own world. You hate those boring trivia and endless gossip news. Other people’s struggles have nothing to do with you. You are willing to be an ordinary happy person and live a happy life.

Choose B:      you have little interest of getting in circles but then you will not do it obviously because you think that is very dangerous. You will communicate with people in secret, center command and dispatch. You don’t like to be the one who is stepped on when something happens.

Choose C:      You are the central figure in the team. You pay great attention to maintaining your own image and focus on your own words and deeds. In fact, you care the most about your position. Even if you are good to people, it is to observe his true attitude towards you in secret and fear that your position is threatened.

Choose D:      You clearly knows when to love and when to hate. In the beginning, everyone will be impressed by your boldness and gathered around you. But the good times are not long, and everyone’s trust in you goes faster.


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