If a lover broke up with me, what would you do if my ex wants me back?

my ex wants me back

Someone broke up or was a good friend. When someone broke up, it became an enemy. In fact, no matter what unpleasant things happened, the two have ever been in love, if they can’t go on. Peaceful separation is a good choice. But is this the way you can accept it? If a lover broke up with me, what would you do if my ex wants me back? Take a look at the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


Begin the Test:

1)      Do you like to explore the grapevine?

A) Yes (continue to question 2)

B) No (continue to question 3)


2)      Do you hate the noisy environment of the bar?

A) Yes (continue to question 4)

B) No (continue to question 3)


3)    You are always dissatisfied with what you buy. What is it because?

A) Bad design (continue to question 4)

B) Price is unfair (continue to question 5)

C) Everyone thinks it’s ugly (continue to question 6)


4)    Do you like to take care of people?

A) Yes (continue to question 5)

B) No (continue to question 6)


5)    Do you like to observe things?

A) Yes (continue to question 7)

B) No (continue to question 6)


6)    Do you like to tease children?

A) Yes (continue to question 7)

B) No (continue to question 8)


7)    You suddenly saw a squirrel jump in front of you. What would you do?

A) Screaming loudly (continue to question 10)

B) Step on it (continue to question 9)

C) Scared (continue to question 8)


8)    Do you like to write something?

A) Yes (continue to question 10)

B) No (continue to question 9)

9)      Your team has made a mistake. Will you sacrifice teammates for your position?

A) Yes (continue to question 10)

B) No (continue to type A)


10) You lost your way in a pristine forest, then. In front of the three roads, which one do you choose?

A) A secluded trail (continue to type D)

B) A solid dirt road (continue to type C)

C) A muddy road (continue to type B)


Test Result:

Type A:   If it really breaks up. You will be very silent. You did not cry in uncharacteristic and did not retain. You calmly chose to turn around. But when you’re alone, you’ll cry. Therefore, breaking up seems to be peaceful, but when you meet again, he will not be a friend because your heart has never stopped hurting.


Type B:   If the other person really made a claim with you, your reaction was shocked at first, followed by anger, theory with the other person, and even arguing with the other person. In short, you are very irrational and your self-esteem is frustrated. It is impossible to break up in peace. In the end, you will only become strangers.


Type C:   Even if it hits the back cheek, it hurts itself. When confronting him (she), you will also raise noble heads because of reverence, smile and say break up. You will surely feel sad, but will still leave with pride and let the other party remember forever. You. Your sadness will only be left to you.


Type D:   Your nature is open-minded. Even if the alliance breaks up like this, you will be very generous. Will bless each other. You hate hard work. You think that the other person broke up. That is because your feelings are positive. You cannot go back. and so. You know that it’s better to stay with you than to stay hard, to bless each other, and to pursue a better future. Your good attitude. Will win you a splendid love.



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