What is my location right now in your boss’s eyes?

my location right now

In the eyes of the boss, are you a competent assistant, or are you ineffective? What is my location right now in your boss’s eyes? Look at the test below.

Begin the Test:

If you are a detective, you see an old man killed in an alleyway. What do you think the old man was killed by?

A) Kitchen Knife

B) Ax

C) Fruit knife

Test Result:

Choose A:      Your job performance is optimistic. The boss has tolerate you for a while. If he continues to do so, it will be difficult for him to continue to endure. You must understand that the current situation is very dangerous to you and you are likely to be dismissed at any time. The boss has expectations for his work. Maybe you can only complete 20% of what he expects. He feels a great drop. So, you are now in the observation period. If you still can’t perform well, you may be fired.

Choose B:      At least you can accept the attitude toward work, but sometimes it is confusing. Your performance makes your boss angry and funny to you. You can do your part well, but you can’t have higher demands on you. Because your personality is confused, people find it difficult to grow and cannot be entrusted with important tasks.

Choose C:      You are very clever, smart, and very capable. And your attitude is also very correct, always meticulous. In interpersonal relationships, you also perform very well. Therefore, you will make your boss feel very trustworthy and appreciate you very much.


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