What is the personality hidden under my look?

my look

What is the personality hidden under my look?

There is a window in your room that allows you to overlook the scenery outside. If you want to a curtain at the window, which type of curtain would you choose?

A.    Plain colour curtain

B.     Checkered pattern curtain

C.     Floral printed curtain

D.    Venetian blind

E.     White sheer curtain

Test Results:

A.    You are scrupulous in separating career and personal life. No matter how tough your job is; you do not want your personal life to be affected by your career. So, your ideal partner is a person who can keep themselves balance in career and personal life. A person who not only stable in career without being a workaholic but also enjoy life will always grab your attention.

B.     You own an equable mental and you emphasize the sense of security. You planned and organized your things well. As you are a restrained and cautious person, you dislike arguing and fighting with others. Exhausting relationship like bitter love and triangle love are something you never want. Your ideal type might older than you with mature and thoughtful personalities that you can rely on. The bigger the plaid you prefer, the greater the tendency of the above mentioned.

C.     You live a simple life, everything went smoothly, and you never experience any hardship. This make you optimistic about future and life, you enjoy making friends and think this world is a real nice place. You admire a cheerful and happy-go-lucky person, just like a child. You hope to enjoy the romance time between both on you and helps each other to broaden the horizons.

D.    You are very demanding of yourself and others. You like to pursue for your dreams rather than wasting time on something meaningless. You enjoy thinking and be able to see things thoroughly. You keep a distance with your friends because you dislike your private life being interfered by them. You have a lot of requirements in choosing lovers, and you don’t spend too much time in love. You like the person who suit you well, easy to get along with and easy to understand.

E.     You are an indecisive and sentimental person. You are often affected by your own emotions and causing many things became bad. You think that mood is the driving force of everything. If you are in a happy mood, no matter how difficult or complicated the things are, you can handle things very well. On the contrary, if you are in a bad mood, you are lacking enthusiasm to do anything, even if it is something very simple. You are easily attracted to talented people and fall for the person.


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