What is my real personality?

my real personality

Everyone’s personality is different, some people are cheerful, while some are steady. Sometimes maybe you will ask yourself a question that “What is my real personality?”. Therefore, in order to let you know more clearly with your personality, let’s take this test below.


Begin the Test:

There’s a view we like in each season. Among the four season’s picture, which one do you like the most?

A): The green leaf in the spring.

B): The lotus in the summer.

C): The full moon in the autumn’s night.

D): The sunlight in the winter.


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are a steady person, you think carefully before you act.

Choose B:         You are a very cheerful person, you always bring people the liveliness of summer.

Choose C:         You are a very sentimentality person, you are very sensitive person.

Choose D:         You are a very lazy person, always hope good thing will happen to you without you work hard.


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