What is my treat to myself?

my treat

What is my treat to myself?

Everyone experienced fall down during walking. Please recall, what is the first word you said when you fall down?


A.    Stupid, it is embarrassing

B.    What happened? I should buy lottery later

C.     What a poor road! The government is irresponsible

D.    Pity me, its ok, it doesn’t hurt


Test Results:


A.    Subconsciously, you think you are not deserved to be kindly treated because even you are being harsh to yourself. You are kind of person that willing to sacrifice to help others.

B.    You are good in comforting yourself. So, you will not immersed yourself in sadness for a long time. You will always find the way out for yourself.

C.     You love yourself very much and always push the problems to others. It is really hard to see your initiative to improve yourself.

D.    You treat yourself well just like a small kid. Sometimes, you are be held back from improvement because of the challenging task.



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