Can you easily say “my trust is in you”?

my trust is in you

Some people will only trust him if they only see him. Some people even look at his best friend and have no way to trust him. so what about you? Can you easily say “my trust is in you”? Let’s take a look at the question below.


Begin the Test:

If you finally have money to buy a luxury house, then one person walks past your door. What do you think he would tell you?

A) Your home is so beautiful. Can I visit it?

B) I’m sorry, I come to borrow something.

C) May I ask, is this a celebrity’s luxury house?


Test Result:

Choose A:      You can easily gain the trust of others. You are always able to think for others, colleagues, but also to abide by the agreement with others. The key is that no matter what other people tell you, you always keep the secret of the other person. Many of the above advantages make you almost undoubtedly skeptical.


Choose B:      What others say to you, you may not keep secrets. However, not all secrets are not conservative, and they can be kept secretive occasionally. Therefore, you may gain some trust from others, but not all.


Choose C:      No matter what others say to you, or how you promised to keep the secret of the other party firmly, you will forget all about it as soon as you turn around. Therefore, it is difficult for you to gain the trust of others. Only by breaking these bad habits can you gain the trust of others.


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