Are you naive nature or silly nature?

naive nature

Are you naive nature or silly nature?

In a gathering of friends, a nagger seems quiet today. Everyone is discussing about the reason of this change. Which of the following reason you think reasonable the most?


A.    His throat is uncomfortable

B.    He faces failure in his life

C.     The girl he likes is around there, so he is too nervous to speak

D.    He realised that no one like nagger, so he started to act cool to change his image


Test Results:


A.    You are capable to deal with everyone. You know very well that there is nothing free in this world, thus you always guess other’s mind. People often feel comfortable when interact with you.

B.    You are insensitive and slow. When your friend pinches you to give you hint, you are very dull and ask in front of everyone, why your friend doing so. This make your friend feel awkward. You are truly a naive person.

C.     You are very self-centred, and always think about others by your own way. You always feel happy because you assume you had found the truth of some incidents. In fact, the truth is always difference with what you assumed. Your naivete leave a lot of people speechless.

D.    You are alert and good in observing. People can’t escape from you if they are planning some tricks. However, you don’t hide your arrogant when you see through them.


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