Do you need money now, but how do you spend money?

need money now

In our days, you will always say “I need money now”. When you saw the title, you must be confused, do you need to be teach on how to spend money? But actually, there are people who don’t know how to spend money. What do you think the word “wasteful” mean? Let’s take a look at the test below, then you will find out if you know how to spend money.


Begin the Test:

If you purchase a watch, everyone is praising it, what will you say?

A) No no, it’s actually very cheap

B) Good taste, this is branded

C) Thank you

D) I remember you also have a very beautiful watch


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are very reasonable, even on consumption, so it’s impossible for you to waste money, a person truly knows how to spend money. When you shopping, you will think your needs before purchase, you wouldn’t care about reputations, doesn’t care what people says. You like and you need, then you will buy, just like that.


Choose B:      You always spend money, in your opinion, a reputation is the most important thing, you will spend a lot of money for reputations. You have to have whatever everyone else has, but others will think you don’t have a taste, all you know to do is follow everyone else.


Choose C:      Your life is very simple, not very wasteful, environment friendly. You like fashion, but you always measure your abilities. And you have a good taste, your life is simple but tasteful.


Choose D:      You have a large social circle, so you can’t help to spend money on socializing. Your self-esteem is very high, therefore whenever you pay for dinner, it has to be the best quality food, and that cause you to spend a lot.




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