To know your new attitude to work

new attitude

To know your new attitude to work

If you are standing in the middle. There are directions of East, West, North and South. Which one would you choose?

A. South
B. North
C. West
D. East

Test Results:

A. Your working attitude: You can be defeated easily and difficult to get a job that you are satisfied with. You depend on others and need a lot of helpers to help you to complete your tasks. You are too demanding to yourself and this make you more coward. You always hesitate to try on new things.

Your personalities: You always think that people dislike you. Thus, you are weak and need to be recognized by your friends. You can hardly make new friends because you refuse to interact with others and make others think that you are unfriendly. So, you have few real friends.

B. Your working attitude: You are the hardworking type with the ability to lead others. You work rationally without involve in people’s affair. You always draw a clear distinction between you and others. Thus, you won’t seek for help from others easily. At the same time, you don’t show your empathy to others too and always choose to work alone.

Your personalities: You will choose who to be your friends after evaluation. All of your emotions are being analysed. Hence, majority of your friends are based on mutual relationship. You will no be friends with someone who you think they are not deserved.

C. Your working attitude: You are very responsible, but you need to be under supervision to get the tasks done. You are very obedient but not stand firmly to your own stand point. You job selection is much depends on the people around you and your success and failure are also related to the people surround you.

Your personalities: You are very kind and treat friendship importantly. Sometimes, it might back fire if you are too friendly. This is because you don’t know how to differentiate among good and bad. You always treat everyone nicely. You are weak in understanding in term od interpersonal relationship, and you often feel lonely because of this.

D. Your working attitude: You are a stable person and care about your career very much. You think of giving up if you face failure, except when you are doing something you interested in. Thus, it is important to get yourself a hob that you really passionate about.

Your personalities: You are balance in your interpersonal relationship, and this make you popular among your friends. You treat people nicely and always be fair when handling conflict. However, you are lacking passion. Hence, you are always passive and missed out a lot of opportunity to be in relationship.


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