Which new job suit you the best?

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Which new job suit you the best?

Facing the unknown future, the trend of fortune-telling shows the unpeaceful mind of people. Among all of the fortune-telling method, which one do you believe the most?

A. Feng Shui
B. Tarot
C. Horoscope
D. I Ching divination

Test Results:

A. You treat life seriously. You have high expectation towards yourself and you have your own way to handle things. You won’t go with the tide, and you have the ability to start up your own business. Or else you can work under a good boss who appreciate your ability, surely you can perform well in your career.

B. You are a sentimental person. You are gifted to be artistic and creating is the way to lead you become rich. Even if your creating ability might not enough for your living, but you can get some art related job to gain satisfaction. Job that need physical power is not suitable for you. If you do it reluctantly, slowly you will lose your self-confidence.

C. You are rational and sensible at the same time. In your career, your rapid reaction will impress the others, but your problem is, you cannot hold on straight to the end when doing something. Every job that related to interpersonal relationship is suitable for you. Such as, business, reporter and so on. You are expected to success if you don’t give up in the halfway.

D. You are optimistic. You are keeping moving forward and will not look behind and care about the previous failure. Research based occupation suit you the best, because you are more motivated when you immerse yourself in the research.


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