Will you become an old experience in the workplace?

old experience

After working in the workplace for a few years, everyone will fade away from the rogue, from rookie to veteran, and some will become very sleek, as the old experience of the workplace, you will become like this? Take a look at the test below.


Begin the Test:

If you accidentally open a door and see a horror scene. Which of the following scenarios are you unwilling to see?

A) When you got to hell, you saw a lot of ghosts

B) You saw a tiger

C) You saw a group of mental patients

D) My god, you saw people eat people


Test Result:

Choose A:      You hate turning into old experience. You are always willing to keep new people feeling. You will make work a fresh thing and you will not get used to some bad things. Therefore, even if you face the rookie, you will always feel that you are the same with him. Your heart is very sincere, knowing that the job is not all of you, so the mentality is still very good.


Choose B:      You may only have half of your old experience. Because your character has two sides. At work, you have shown professionalism, maturity, and seriousness. It’s really scary to be serious. But privately, you are like a child, full of curiosity about new things. You may be old in your work, but you can never give guidance in your attitude to life.


Choose C:      You will definitely become an old experience. You like to rely on old experience and feel very experienced. You should educate the rookie about what to do and what not to do. In fact, you are kind-hearted and want to share your experience with everyone. However, they may misunderstand your goodwill and feel that you are embarrassed. However, if you are a rookie who knows how to learn modestly, you may be willing to accept your point of view, so that you can waste less time.


Choose D:     Congratulations, you are not likely to become old experience. You are the legendary old urchin. You live completely in your own world. You will always be like a newcomer to the workplace. You will learn about work, life, and relationships. Your heart is like a child, and it feels infuriating. You think that work is only a means of making money. Having a happy and happy life every day is what we should pursue.


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