After love, will your spouse become other another person?

other another

Maybe before a committed relationship, your other half is very good to you. However, after you are in a committed relationship, you feel that the other another person has changed. Why is this? The following will give you the answer.


Begin the Test:

If one of your spouse’s handwritten manuscript is wrong, he wants to tear it up and throw it away. What do you think would will he do before throwing it away?

A) Tear a piece off

B) Tear into two pieces

C) Tear into pieces

D) Tear into three pieces

E) Throw it away without tearing it up


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your other half is good and sometimes jealous. Therefore, after he/she is with you, he/she will be strict with you. If you dare to speak or eat together with the opposite sex, he/she will get on to you and even begin to doubt you.


Choose B:      Your other half doesn’t like you being too sticky. He/She wants you to have independent space and not depend on each other. Therefore, if you are a very independent person, you may be very attractive to him/her. After the relationship, the two of you will get along well.


Choose C:      Your other half is a big playboy. The more crushed the paper, shows that the more he/she cares. You have to worry, he/she has a lot of opposite sex friends. After committed relationship he/she may still be in constant contact with friends of the opposite sex.


Choose D:      Tear into three parts, means he/she is loyal to you. After he/she is in committed relationship, he/she will be very considerate and will often call you, give you a small gift and make a plan to go shopping. However, he/she will be sticky. You must be prepared.


Choose E:     After you are in committed relationship, your other half usually behaves calmly and doesn’t care enough about you. However, this does not mean that he/she does not mind you. Perhaps on the contrary, he/she just does not know how to express himself. The most important thing is that he/she does not have any utilitarian purpose with you, and his/her feelings are very pure.


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