What is our greatest fear in reality?

our greatest fear

Fear is a basic emotion for a person. Everyone has something they are afraid of, and something they naturally fear. Therefore, What is our greatest fear in reality? Let’s look at these questions below to see your answer in your heart.


Begin the Test:

Natural disaster always scares people. Which of the disaster below you fear the most?

A) Typhoon

B) Landslide debris flow

C) Earthquake

D) Plague


Test Result:

Choose A:      You are fear of: Suddenly scared. You don’t take sudden change very well, you will collapse. Therefore, your friends and family always need to be euphemism when they need to tell you a bad new, so you will not get too shock. Actually, this means you mentality is not very good, haven’t experienced good anti-strike training. Advise you to relax yourself, go out more, it will be good for your stress relieve.


Choose B:      You are fear of: Been persecuted. You always think you are living in an unstable environment, will be threaten anytime.  Maybe you are not satisfied with your physical life, you are always worry about your future, so you can sleep in peace. You work hard to find that psychological comfort, but the reality is still there. You need to develop your own sense of security, otherwise you could never get a rid of your worries。


Choose C:      You are fear of: Cruel things. You was brave once, think no big deals in the reality. But, if you saw some cruel or shocking scenes, it will affect you. When you are along at the night, that fear will come out and scares you.


Choose D:      You are fear of: Unaccountable thoughts. You think too much, and the things you think usually don’t even exist, or will not happen for a very long time. When you tell others your thoughts, they can’t understand, so you often feel you are lonely.


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