Test the “oxygen content” index in your heart

oxygen content

Test the “oxygen content” index in your heart


Sitting in front the white table and facing a plate of salad, what would you eat first?


A.    Cherry as the decoration

B.    Small piece of egg white

C.     Crunchy cucumber

D.    Sauce


Test Results:


A.    Oxygen content index = 95

Your life is energetic. Even if you are facing something difficult, you can solve the difficulties with energetic way. You will always find some fun in life to make yourself joyful, and also spread the joy to the people around you. Keep this good life condition, you will be the best!

B.    Oxygen content index = 20

Are you feel tired always and think that life is dull? Are you don’t feel like moving around because of tiredness? Maybe you are exhausted because of the busy working life, but it is not good for your health if you keep this in long run. Try to get yourself few days of vacation, and get in contact with the happy person. Go back into life with positive and cheerful condition to get a refreshed life!

C.     Oxygen content index = 50

Perhaps you are living the same life repeat and repeat. You feel like it is your daily routine to go to work, rest and entertainment. You wish to make some changes and try something different to refresh yourself. Why not? Maybe you can adjust yourself to a different condition in a short time. Go to have a try, you can do it! Let your life to be energetic!

D.    Oxygen content index = 75

Do you think that you are satisfied with your life, but it is just too plain? Working, entertainment, and achieve your dream are very good as you live your life in fullest. But, do you think it is boring? Nothing much, you just need to add in some episodes in your life! Just a little bit of it will make your life different! Just enjoy your life.



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