To test whether you have passive aggressive personality disorder

passive aggressive personality disorder

To test whether you have passive aggressive personality disorder

You live in the left side of the second floor. One day, you want to take out the garbage. There is a window at your left hand side, whereby upstairs and downstairs share a same refuse channel. There is also a refuse channel at the rightmost of second floor. You can choose among the following:

A.    Go upstairs to put the garbage at the refuse channel

B.    Go downstairs to put the garbage at the refuse channel

C.     Go to the refuse channel at the rightmost of the same floor

D.    Climb through the window to the refuse channel (you can reach the refuse chamber directly through this way)

E.     Throw out the garbage from the window

Test Results:

A.    It means that you are aggressive. You hope to strive to a better position, no matter in your study or career. Bear in mind not to make yourself stress, otherwise your life will be tiring.

B.    It shows that you might fall into a lazy situation. You hope to save your effort, but you never think that you need same effort and hard work to be back to your previous position. Maybe you also think that people should not live with stress, and all you want is to live freely. You need to avoid yourself from being slack. You still need to put effort.

C.     It means that you might feel satisfied with your condition now. You dislike being busy, but like to a simple life. You hope to remain constant forever; and it is not a big deal for not moving forward. Don’t you think that your life is too plain?

D.    You like to pursue something exciting, almost reach an unreasonable state. You feel the life you having now is too plain, you need something exciting. Sometimes, it is good to be realistic, you might don’t mind, but sooner there will be people discuss about you.

E.     You need to develop your personal quality. It might be something wrong on your personal quality that causes all the problems. Friendly reminder: personal quality is very important. You will find hard to success without good personal quality even though you have knowledge.


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