What is your personal profile?

personal profile

Do you know what is you personal profile? The test below can help you better understand your personal profile and your behavioral tendency, by better understand yourself, you can more objectively view the difference between you and the other people, and to review your behavior.


Begin the Test:

Take a look of the objects below, pick the set you like the most.

A): Garden, grass field, trees, forest

B): Rock, jewelry, diamond, crystal

C): River, spring creek, ocean, snow and rain

D): Firework, moon, sun, fire reactor

E): Silver, gold, bicycle, computer


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are very endurance, can work hard. You are very observing, you can observe the changes in your surroundings and in this world, but you don’t usually pay attention to the bad things.


Choose B:         Your learning ability is very strong. You are talented in sports, and your ability to balance, you are also very talkative. It’s hard for people to win against you.


Choose C:         You are a justice person, you seek fairness and balance in every matter. You are good at adjusting and managing.


Choose D:         You have a strong balance ability, like to do things your own, and can’t easily be distracted. You are very focused and persist, have good leadership ability.


Choose E:          You belong to the stage where you are the center of attention. You like to show off yourself, you are good to your friends, and have a pure heart. Those merits attract people’s attention, people often ask for your advice!


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