How to do personality development?

personality development

How to do personality development?

If you are a kid in kindergarten and you are going to perform a play, which character you wish to perform the most?


A.    A tiny gold canary

B.    A naughty kitten

C.     A dumb sharpie

D.    An eighty years old woman


Test Results:


A.    You need to control your temper as you get angry easily. You are a straightforward person that you are aware to control your temper. Thus, you need to develop a better character.

B.    You are too kind. You should give opinion more often. You are a gentle person and don’t like to offend the others. Thus, you always suppress your thoughts.

C.     You should contact more with happy type person to keep yourself stop over thinking in certain problem. You are a pessimistic person who always thinks too much, you will suffer from depression if you don’t stop yourself from being over thinking.

D.    This recently, you are lack of enthusiasm in doing things. You should plan more activities and put efforts to carry out those activities. Most of the time, you only plan but no action is taken. You are a passive person that needs to be pushed to move forward.


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