Will you be physical bullying?

physical bullying

Do you hate people physical bullying you, but your character always makes you difficult to escape? Is this the case? Take a look at the test below.

Begin the Test:
When you are old, you are drawn to blind date. Which of the following objects will make you unwilling to do it?
A) A bald man
B) Short and fat people
C) People who have no taste at first glance
D) A poor person

Test Result:
Choose A:      You are often bullied by people, and it is you in the legend that you suffer from a loss. Your mind is simple and there is no chance. Other people will think you are silly. It is simply human being kneading. However, don’t worry, stupid people have stupid, people always remember you well, and there are always people who will help you when you are in trouble.

Choose B:      You have the possibility of being bullied. You are open-minded and do not love to care about you. If someone is wrong, you always think of him from his perspective and forgive each other. Therefore, others will feel that you are bullied. The next time apart from the matter, you will easily become a person with a bad reputation. Open-mindedness is certainly an advantage, but you must learn to protect yourself properly. Don’t always be tolerant of others, you will hurt yourself.

Choose C:      You are super easy to be bullied. Because you always show the good old man of ink, people want to bully at first sight. Although in fact you are privately temperamental, you are retreating repeatedly and do not want to leave a bad impression on others. However, the other party will feel that you are super easy to bully, oh, bad luck is inevitable.

Choose D:      You are rarely bullied. Instead, you always bully others. You are strong and you are very motivated. You will be desperate to achieve your goals. If you want to bully you, you will not let him go. Therefore, no one will dare to provoke you. Provoke you and you will fight back.


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