Test your current state of mind from fantasy plot ideas

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Test your current state of mind from fantasy plot ideas

If the plot in a science fiction movie can really happen in real life, which of the following would you like to become a fact?

A.    Aliens visit the earth

B.     Resurrection of dinosaur

C.     The time machine was invented to allow people to shuttle freely to the past and the future

D.    Immigration to an alien planet

Test Results:

A.    You are always in a daze. Sometimes you even forgot what you were thinking about. You are enjoying being indulged in the free world of thought. This allows you to be free and need not to bother the pressures of real life. Once in a while, you will bring the imaginary plot into life, and hope that everyone around you can accept your thoughts. Of course, this is impossible, so you can only go back to your imaginary world alone.

B.    Sometimes, you are playful and having a child’s heart. It makes people think you are very childish and immature. However, what they see is only the surface. In fact, you just want to treat things with a relaxed attitude. Your mind is well thought out and you usually think thoroughly before you speak up. If people think carefully, they will find out what you told was not just empty talk, although you don’t seem serious.

C.     You are longing for the life of wandering around, to see the scenery everywhere freely. So, it is hard to let you settle down. No matter how much effort is done to retain you, but you will still not willing to settle down. The best way to get along with you is to let go of you and wait somewhere for your return. When you are tired, you will come back to the side of that person.

D.    You are a responsible person which take commitment seriously and consider your abilities. Not only yourself, you care about the other’s needs too. Although you still have some dissatisfaction with the reality, but you choose not to run away from it. You will face the problem and try to solve it as well. You are a good man to run a marriage, so it is lucky to have you as a life partner.


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