How popular e are you based on personality?

popular e

People often say “personality decide your fate” But personality don’t only decides your fate is can also determine if you are popular e with people. What is a personality, and did it let you have good people skills? Let’s take a look. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)


Begin the Test:

  1. If you are a college student right now, and it’s summer. Most of your classmates are going to work and build their experience. What it do you think then?

A): I’m not going, I still want to have fun. I don’t want to join the society just yet (continue to question 3)

B): You can make more money by working, let me join the others (continue to question 2)


2. One day, your coworker suggests that everyone go to dinner together after work. But your money is a little tight at this moment, what would you do?

A): Tell the truth, you don’t have the money (continue to question 4)

B): This is about face, got to get the money for it no matter what (continue to question 5)


3. Your best friend is borrowing money from you for an emergency, but you don’t have any money either, what will you do?

A): Even I don’t have money, I still need to help he/she get the money (continue to question 5)

B): Tell he/she the truth, you don’t have any money (continue to question 4)


4. You’re being dumped, what’s your thought?

A): Work and live harder, make yourself better, and show that person how beautiful is your are life (continue to question 7)

B): You are very sad, try to talk to everyone you know, and stuck in the sadness can get out (continue to question 6)


5. You fall in love with someone and find out your best friend also like that person, what will you decide to do?

A): Anger, think that’s not a good friend (continue to question 7)

B): That’s okay, since we both like that person, we can just compete equally (continue to question 6)


6. You want to change a place to live, on the day of moving, will you get someone to help?

A): Probably not, friends are all busy, I’d feel bad to ask, rather pay someone to do it (continue to question 9)

B): Probably will, that’s what friends are for (continue to question 8)


7. First day of class, you saw two of your classmates are arguing for you don’t know why, what will you do?

A): Step aside and don’t offend either side (continue to question 8)

B): Walk up and try to calm them down (continue to question 9)


8. You’ve been shopping all day, brought a lot stuff, and your legs are very tired. A taxi come by, you waved to stop, but a couple came up and toke the taxi, would will you do?

A): Very angry and start arguing with the couple (continue to question 11)

B): How unlucky, wait for the next one (continue to question 10)


9. You don’t have any plans on Sunday, what will you do?

A): Call friends or family (continue to question 10)

B): Go out and get some sunlight by yourself (continue to question 11)


10. If you are a student, and you failed all your finals, how do you plan to tell your parents?

A): Take initiative and show your commitment to do better next time (continue to Type A)

B): Try to change to grades then show it to the parents (continue to Type B)


11.You have that very good friend, and he/she is stealing, what will you do?

A): Pretend you don’t know anything (continue to Type C)

B): Try to talk sense into he/she (continue to Type D)


Test Result:

Type A:     You are a very loyal person, you’re passionate out going and very justice. You always think of others, and always help the people around you who’s in need. Which makes very popular with people. Sometimes you would even make sacrifices to help others, you’re very soft-hearted, always feel sorry for others. Sometimes the person gets hurt the most is actually yourself. You always treat others sincerely, but people don’t always treat you back the same way. You should be a little more caution and think of yourself sometimes.


Type B:     You are a very selfish person, doesn’t matter what you do, you always think of yourself first. Sometimes you would even sacrifice others in order to reach your gold. And after a while, good friends start leaving you, and you end up with people who are just like you. When everyone is only thinking of themselves, you won’t get any benefit either. Therefore, don’t be so selfish, it’s not good for your own benefit.


Type C:     You are a reckless good person, why? You’re always so positive, cheerful and generous, you love to help people, and give people ideas. But your ability is limited, sometimes you make things worse trying to help. So your popularity is about average. Suggest you to think before you act, so you don’t get people into more trouble.


Type D:     You are extremely smart and very calm, that’s your advantage. But people around you might misunderstand you for cold blood. You’re very natural when facing anyone, people getting can’t feel the passionate from you, they often think you’re mysterious. But actually, you just like to think and plan well before you do anything, so you don’t waste time and energy. And if you did something wrong, you wouldn’t admitted in front of people. Your personality makes people leave you eventually.


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