Are you popular personas among men?

popular personas

Are you popular personas among men?

When you travel with your friends, you want to take a memorable photo for everyone. What scene would you choose?


A.    Include the people of souvenir store in the photo

B.    Include the people nearby in the photo

C.     Include the sightseeing place signboard in the photo

D.    Include the clear view of the landscape in the photo


Test Results:


A.    You are too much in expressing your love. Too much enthusiasm or too much confidence can backfire. It is better for you to think about how to express your love in a natural way. You gain no benefit if you overdo.

B.     You are too formalized so you unable to express yourself. Bold love behaviour is necessary sometimes, but don’t overdo it. You must control it to make sure you can express yourself better.

C.     Unfortunately, you are not doing very well in love. You tried very hard to express yourself, but you failed. It is important to know how to express your feeling with right words and attitudes. Not only to men, but also to women. You must think what kind of conversation is more acceptable.

D.    You are good at expressing your love, and you have the ability to express your love clearly to the person you like. You can win a man’s heart with your elegant speech and heartfelt expression. So, you don’t need to learn. Just do it in your own way.


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