Will others have positive influence on you?

positive influence

The grass is falling with the wind. The grass is falling with the wind.When people say this idiom, they will laugh at the grass. However, in our real world are you able to make the decision by yourself without positive influence from others? Let’s test you.


Begin the Test:

As you are going to across the road alone, at this time, the traffic lights are about to change. What will you do then?

A. Crossing the road hastily

B. Waiting for a while, not in hurry

C. Crossing halfway of the road, and then waiting on the middle of the road


Test Result:

  • Choose A: You are easily influenced by others. Many your decisions are affected by others.
  • Choose B: You don’t care what other people’s comments, just following your own heart to do things. Therefore, you have a very happy life.
  • Choose C: Even though you take other people advice, that should be the good one. For instance, your feel very happy that your friend is married, so that you just accelerate the pace of searching your own partner.


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