Do you have prankdial ideas in your heart


When we were young, we were all more practical jokes to play tricks on others. When we grow up, we will not like prank like children, but in fact, most of us will have some prankdial ideas in our hearts, do not believe it? Let’s take a look at the problem.


Begin the Test:

Suppose you are a photographer. What do you say to the people you shoot when you shoot?

A. Well, it’s nice and beautiful

B. Look at this, look at the lens

C. Give me a smile

D. Set a shape


Test Result:

A: You basically have no evil ideas. You are a good child.


B: In the eyes of the outsider, you are very obedient. But there are always rebellious thoughts in your mind, always wanting to make yourself worse.


C: In life, you’re doing well. There is no harm to do anything. But sometimes you use white lies to achieve your goals.


D: There are always some bad ideas in your heart. You always have some bad ideas. You should learn to make a proper place.


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