What is your problem solving model?

problem solving model

In our life, the problems will come up every day. When a person encounter troubles, some people choose to face it, while some people choose to run away. Therefore, what is your problem solving model? Let’s take a look to see the result.


Begin the Test:

Your boyfriend come over to your apartment, and he found an electrical toothbrush that does not belong to him. What will you do?

A): Make up a lie, pretend this matter does not exist

B): Take initiative, pretend you’re mad, wait till he give up

C): Admit your fault

D): Be silent

E): Be very serious

F): Leave quickly


Test Result:

Choose A:  You’re the type of person will not face the problem straightforward, you will only face the problem until you absolutely have to, and the you will avoid the core matter, try not to directly face the core problem. You don’t usually think you did anything wrong, you’re just unlucky that people find out.


Choose B:  You are a very aggressive person, even you think you’re wrong, you still will not take on the responsibility. Normally, you got bad temper, if somebody started arguing with you you will fight back.


Choose C:  You are a spoiled person, you don’t like to argue with people. Therefore you always try to make up with other people while apologize and hope that will be the end of it.


Choose D:  You are a very depressed person, when facing interrogation, you don’t want to explain and you don’t want to argue with the other person, you were just keep everything inside.


Choose E:  You are a very average person, you will normalize your actions so you will not feel guilty, and the other person will not blame you either


Choose F:  You’re the type of person that it will run away, after what have happened you don’t want to face it directly, so you would run as far as possible. You’re not good at arguing with people, and you’re very coward, so you always run away when you encounter trouble.


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