Are you people who process efficiency?

process efficiency

Some people are very busy every day, but they always do not make achievements. They are always doing useless work. This is because their work efficiency is not high and affects their own work. Are you people who process efficiency? Please see the question.


Begin the Test:

If you have a weekend, you ask a lot of relatives and friends to have a meal at home. However, something has happened, you think what is the situation?

A) The dishes are all done, but forget to make rice

B) It took a long time on a dish and everyone waited anxiously

C) You are in a hurry, and the last thing you get is simple and easy to cook

D) Need to add a dish but find that there is no material


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your work efficiency is low. It usually takes a long time for you to do one thing. You can’t do any work and you can’t do it as planned. You are often cramming, but it’s always useless.


Choose B:      When you do anything, you love to work hard on the details. You don’t know the priorities. It is recommended that you list your own work statutes and arrange your work according to priorities. This saves time and improves efficiency.


Choose C:      Your efficiency is high. Very good at mastering the rhythm and grasping the time. In general, what you do is very good. Of course, because your own work efficiency is very high, it is inevitable that people who are not efficient in work will have a short speech and remember to improve.


Choose D:     You are not saying that there is no efficiency, but it is an emergency response. You are always lost and you cannot complete the work perfectly as planned. It is recommended that you act in advance and consider everything well, so that you can take it easy.


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