What prevented you from promotion odds?

promotion odds

Everyone wants to become an elite in the workplace and step up. However, everyone has shortcomings and shortcomings, and may be unaware that these problems will hinder your promotion odds. The following test will take a look at what exactly is and hinder your promotion. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

1)      How long have you been working?

A) More than 5 years (continue to question 3)

B) Less than 5 years (continue to question 2)

2)      What do you think is most important for a job?

A) Salary and benefits (continue to question 3)

B) Whether you are interested (continue to question 5)

C) Whether there’s opportunity for grow (continue to question 4)

3)    If your boss is younger than you, his qualifications are lower than you. Can you bear it?

A) Yes (continue to question 4)

B) No (continue to question 5)

4)    Do you like to work with fixed working hours and stable salary?

A) Yes (continue to question 4)

B) No (continue to question 5)

5)    What do you think about overtime?

A) Hate overtime (continue to question 8)

B) Will consider if pays (continue to question 7)

C) If it’s needed, then will do  (continue to question 64)

6)    Do you think your current working hours are reasonable?

A) Yes (continue to question 7)

B) No (continue to question 8)

7)    You often want to change job?

A) Yes (continue to question 9)

B) Sometimes (continue to question 8)

C) No (continue to question 10)

8)    Do you usually look for work and listen to the opinions of those around you?

A) Yes (continue to question 10)

B) No (continue to question 9)

9)      Do you prefer to work independently?

A) Yes (continue to question 10)

B) No (continue to question 11)

10) You think, in a company, who is the most important relationship?

A) Boss (continue to question 11)

B) Colleague (continue to question 12)

C) Direct supervisor (continue to question 13)

11) In the company, do you often flatter leaders?

A) Yes (continue to question 12)

B) No (continue to question 13)

12) What would you do if the company asked you very hard?

A) Reject (continue to question 15)

B) Accept (continue to question 14)

C) Doesn’t matter (continue to question 13)

13) Do you like the work you do?

A) Yes (continue to question 14)

B) No (continue to question 15)

14) The leader gives you a task, but the task itself has problems. What are you planning to do?

A) Continue (continue to Type B)

B) Talk to the leader and say that cannot accept this task (continue to Type C)

C) Think of a way to finish in the end (continue to Type F)

15) If you have a minor customer who puts a lot of demands on your plan, do you plan to?

A) Fix right the way (continue to Type A)

B) Change it casually (continue to Type D)

C) Hate this customer, refuse to modify (continue to Type E)

Test Result:

Type A:   The reason for impeding your promotion is your weak personality. You are very timid and never take the initiative to express yourself. And because you think too much and think too much, you always feel that your ideas are not mature enough to be reliable. This kind of thinking leads you to lack creativity and no idea. In fact, in your work, you need to have a lot of ideas for yourself, plus a lot of practice to be successful. It is recommended that you strengthen your self-confidence and bravely try while working hard. There will be great gains.

Type B:   The reason that hinders your promotion is your ignorance. You are very honest and seldom misunderstand the meaning of the leadership, and regardless of the leader’s idea is right or wrong. In the end, when problems arise, the responsibility lies with you. Leaders cannot assume responsibility for you. In this way, others will feel that your ability to work is not strong, of course, can not attach importance to you.

Type C:   The reason for impeding your promotion is that the leader thinks you are a trouble and hard to deal with. Why do you say that? In fact, your ability to work is super strong, but if you are in trouble, it is right, wrong or wrong. Even if you have made a mistake, you will directly point out that there is never enough space left. As a result, the leadership is embarrassed and you feel that you are all thorns. Imagine that if such leadership is promoted, will it be even more difficult? In fact, it is not difficult to learn to obey. At the same time as obedience, eye leadership, to discuss the feasibility of the program. In this way, the euphemism puts forward opinions, and leadership is still acceptable.

Type D:   The reason behind your promotion is your negative work attitude. Because you can’t always work hard, you don’t have much enthusiasm for your work, and you don’t give it all. Your work is inefficient, and people in your team are also defamed. At the same time, you cannot improve your ability from your job. Naturally, you cannot be promoted. In fact, if you want to make a career in your career, you still have to love the work and then actively contribute. Otherwise, it will be eliminated by the society sooner or later.

Type E:    The fundamental reason that hinders you from opening a job is that the job you are currently doing is not what you are interested in at all. So, what you show is a very indifferent look. Your mentality is not good. You don’t work hard in nature. You do a day’s monk and hit the clock. You struggle to support it. You don’t know how long it will last. In fact, this is a waste of your life. It is suggested that you either re-position yourself or you must work hard and strive for a big space for development.

Type F:    Impeding your promotion is your high-profile style of doing things. Although you have superb ability to work, you are too assertive and you are very high on everything you do. So even though you have outstanding work skills, leaders feel that you are hard to tame, and because you are proud and have poor teamwork skills, others are not. Willing to cooperate with you. Even if your personal ability is stronger, it will fail. You still have to converge on your own edges, be low-key and simple, and develop professionally. The interpersonal relationships that make up your mind can make you happy every day. Why not?


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