Determine your personality from the degree to put on your shoes

put on your shoes

Determine your personality from the degree to put on your shoes

Do you ever aware of the degree of wear of your shoes? You can determine your personality from your shoes that had been worn down.

A.    Right side had been worn down more

B.    Left side had been worn down more

C.     Both side were worn down

D.    Front end of the sole had been worn out

E.     Outer side of the sole had been worn out

F.     The sole had been worn down equally

G.    Rear side of the sole had been worn out

H.    Inner side of the sole had been worn out

Test Results:

A.    You are a flighty and impetuous person. You are an extroverted person that curious on everything. You will take action immediately once you thinking of something, no matter what difficulties you will face. You will not allow people to stop you from doing what you want. You might make wrong judgement because you will be influenced by your emotion easily.

B.    You seem to be a meek and kind person. In fact, you will go to the bottom of the problem to figure out until you are satisfied with the answer. Once you have conflict with others, you will stick to your principle. You are a strong-willed person that will do something till the end.

C.     You are a cautious and alert person that will think carefully before any decision made. You used to plan everything well before you take action, but you found yourself hard to decide on something. You often feel guilty when you unable to give a hand to your friends due to your own problems, but no one know about it. This is because you can hardly express what is in your mind.

D.    You are efficient in taking action. Once you are assigned to a job, you will try your best to complete it. Instead of big organization, it is better for you to work in a small company. You can perform your ability well in the service industry. With your positive attitude, you can always perform well even though you switch to another job. It would be bonus if your senior or someone else helps you in your career.

E.     You are good in socialising, and you love to do so. You enjoy yourself very well in the lively occasion. You are also very popular among people. It is impossible to ask you sit quietly in office, thus service industry or a job full of change would suit you more.

F.     You are a very flexible person that is able to deal with different kind of people. Most of the people who are equipped with skills having the same situation on their sole. Either from the new job or the current job, you gain the same satisfaction. However, the main weakness of this kind of person is impatient, and always has three minutes passion only.

G.    You always not satisfied with everything if you are given the chance to do so, even worse, you feel disgusted of the things that are unsatisfying. You are born to have the abilities of imagine, thus career related to imagination and planning would be the path lead you to succeed. If you indulge yourself in some habits, or a business started on a whim, you tend to fail. Other than that, you are not alert enough in managing money.

H.    They are person that feel insecurity and confused by everything. Before they take action, they will spend a lot of time to think and consider, sometime, they change their mind in the half way. Due to their personality that is not persistent, they will lose a lot of precious opportunities. Thus, the job that can be handled alone is best for them. If someone who is experienced can provide them some suggestions will be better.


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