Know your mental weakness from random video chat

random video chat

Know your mental weakness from random video chat

You must have met some friends on QQ or in chat rooms. As the conversation time increased, there will be tacit understanding and good feeling between both of you. One party will ask for video chat. What would you think and what would you do if you found out in a video conversation that the other person wasn’t look like who you thought?

A.    His (her) words are not matching his appearance. He is so ugly. Then you close the window and go offline.

B.    You can’t accept it and tell him you want to leave for a while. You calm yourself for a while before continuing the conversation.

C.     It is no big deal. There is no perfect person and I am not perfect too. He is not good-looking, maybe that means he is a good man.

D.    Feel depressed, but frankly tell him he is not good-looking. This hurts the other person’s self-esteem.

Test Results:

A.    You are a perfectionist who believe in something illusory more than reality. When the truth does not conform to your heart, you will run away from it and even harm others. This kind of person is more direct and straightforward. However, mild and indirect are the way to dealing with society today.

B.    You are more in line with the requirements of today’s society. You will calm yourself to balance your mind. This type of person has a very good mental quality. Even if your partner does something that you don’t like, you will handle it rationally without distracted by anger.

C.     You have a peaceful attitude toward people and things. You are good in social networking and popular among others. In general, you are good at handling things.

D.    You handle things in a strange way. Although you know the consequences of what you are going to do, yet you make a different decision. It can only say that your mind is not mature enough. Your social life will be better if you learn to be consistent or to hide your feelings.


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