Are you a person with reactive depression?

reactive depression

Every person’s heart, is deep and unpredictable like the ocean. In the fast past society today, everyone gets some pressure, gets depress sometime. Those negative emotions will stop our steps. Are you a person with reactive depression? Let this test below tells you.

Begin the Test:

One day, you suddenly want to help out the housework. But, you coincidentally broke your mother’s favorite stuff. What do you think that stuff is?

A) A mug with your Dad and Mom’s picture

B) Your mother’s favorite vase

C) The weeding anniversary gift your father brought your mother

D) Your mother’s favorite red mirror

Test Result:

Choose A:      You are very afraid you will have negative thoughts, but you are actually very normal, you just want your life get better. You haven’t been troubled by your depressive emotions.

Choose B:      You will get a little depress sometimes. Because your work is too heavy in the reality, make you feel powerless. When the pressure defeats you, negative emotions will trouble you.

Choose C:      You don’t usually get depress. You are always very energetic when you doing something, even forget to rest. You need to remember get rest, and let yourself have some fun. After all, it’s also not very normal if you are so energetic all the time.

Choose D:      You are currently very depressed, your emotion is very bad. If your situation get a little worse right now, you will collapse. Relax, the most important thing for you right now is thinking positive.


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