Are you a person realistically?


Everyone in this society needs to face all kind matters, when it comes to money, people becomes very realistic, even lost themselves, this is not right. But living in this society, people need to be realistic at some level, so, Are you a person realistically? The test below can let you know the answer.


Begin the Test:

If you are an author, the main character in your book will kill himself/herself at the end. Where do you think you will have that character commit suicide?

A): At the balcony before dawn

B): At the beach by the blue ocean

C): At a frozen alley


Test Result:

Choose A:         You are just average realistic. Your family is very important to you. You pay extremely attention to your family, and very generous to family members, cut cost on your own expenses. But other than your family, you are very rational, will only do the things that benefits you.


Choose B:         You are not a very realistic person. You are very softhearted and kind; you will always help the people in need.


Choose C:         You are an extremely realistic person. Your life experience showed you too much ruthless reality. Therefore you always think of yourself first before helping others.



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