What is your character in “Dream of the Red Novels”?

Red Novels

What is your character in “Dream of the Red Novels”?

1) Which kind of situation hurt you the most?
A. The person you love get married with other people → 2
B. The furthest distance is not the sky and land, but you don’t know I love you although I am just beside you → 3

2) Which kind of Chinese Song Poem you like the most?
A. The poem that describe the pain of separation and not be able to meet each other again, the feeling of loneliness and sadness → 4
B. The poem that describe all the heroes and their stories and contributions will be in history and be forgotten in the future → 5

3) What kind of movie you like?
A. The movie that talk about life such as “The Horse Whisperer” and “21 Grams” → 6
B. The movie that give people hope such as “Legally Blonde” and “Dead Poets Society” → 7

4) Which scene make you feel sad?
A. The mermaid turns into bubbles → 8
B. The little girl who selling fire matches died in a freezing night → 9

5) Which style of writer you like?
A. With a rational and neutral writing style. See through life in a calm manner. Such as Bing Xin, Zhang Man Juan and Zhang Xiao Xian → 10
B. Writing in a think and colourful way and see through life picky and cruelty. Such as Zhang Ai Ling and Li Bi Hua → 11

6) Which song you like better?
A. “I Only Care About You” by Teresa Teng → 12
B. “The Most Familiar Stranger” by Elva Hsiao → 13

7) What would you imagine when you are sad?
A. You are crying in a raining day and let the rain pour down to your body → 14
B. You are laughing and bleeding → 15

8) Which lyrics touch you the most?
A. Until all the scenery has been seen through, perhaps you will accompany me to watch the thin stream flowing — “Hong Dou” → 16
B. Only I would feel on my skin how time has climbed up into me — “Xiao Wang Shu” → 17

9) Which character you think has the sad ending?
A. Being betrayed by the one you she loves, like Ru Hua in the movie of “Rouge” → 18
B. Can never be together with the loved one, like Meggie in “The Thorn Birds” → 19

10) You tend to understand love in the way of —
A. There is no true love, but only be together forever → 20
B. There is no forever, but only true love → 21

11) Which kind of building you like?
A. The Europe castle-like building, with the rich culture and full of mystique middle age building → 22
B. Sydney Opera House-like building, which is elegant and modern that give the strong vision impact → 23

12) You tend to be which kind of woman?
A. A famous and socialising woman that is needed on a T stage → 24
B. An intelligent woman that has a lot of knowledge about everything → 25

13) Which opinion do you think is extreme?
A. Betrayal is in a man’s blood → 26
B. Woman conquer the world by conquer the man → A Type

14) If you are given a chance to travel, you will go to?
A. Hang Zhou, Hui Lin, Jiu Zhai Gou and those places which are well-known → 8
B. Loulan Kingdom, Grand Canyon and those places which are challenging → 11

15) What would you do if you break up with your lover?
A. Just leave without doing anything → 9
B. Leave the most beautiful regret for the lover → 10

16) In the eye of man, what kind of role you play?
A. You can only be a woman → A Type
B. Sometimes you break the gender barrier and be a good listener → 17

17) What would you do usually if someone offended you?
A. Protect your rights using principle or law → B Type
B. Reminds him in a way that doesn’t hurt the relationship → 18

18) Which scene of the movie of “Roman Holiday” is the most memorable?
A. The eyes expression of princess and the reporter before they separate from each other → C Type
B. Reporter cheats the princess to get a hug → 19
19) What you think after you watched a sad movie?
A. Life is like a movie, and it is only a dream in the end → D Type
B. Movie is like a life; the movie moves the audience with the true expression → 20

20) What is your expectation towards your wedding?
A. It must be very luxuriant to make yourself the happiest woman → E Type
B. Just simple but not ordinary, as long as your lover loves you → 21

21) What is your ideal family?
A. You have cute kids and a husband that love you → F Type
B. You in a young age and your parents → 22

22) If you are asked to choose a nickname for a boy, you will choose?
A. Tao Tao → G Type
B. Le Le → 23

23) How would you like to spend your night at outside?
A. Go to a concert of your favourite artist → H Type
B. Go to a musical drama “The Lady of the Camellias” → 24

24) What is your understanding about a person who leave forever?
A. Loss of passion feeling and turns into strangers → I Type
B. Never have the chance to get in touch again → 25

25) The colour you like is?
A. The colour which give a strong vision impact → J Type
B. The colour that give people the feeling of peace and calm → 26

26) If you are given a happy weekend, which one would you choose?
A. Go for boating on a lake → K Type
B. Read the great literatures → L Type

Test Results:

A Type: Li Wan
Li Wan is a widow mistress lives in the Jia Family. She is the character with the strongest maternal characteristics in the novel. She is a gentle, generous and patient person. She loves his son Jia Lan very much and have great expectation towards her son. She gets along well with the sisters in the mansion. When the “Crabapple Poets Club” is formed, she not only very supportive, but also volunteers to be the leader. She plays her own part and never gossip. Are you a talented person like her? Grab your own happiness, society nowadays won’t let a talented person being buried in tragedy. A gentle personality will make you be approachable and friendly.

B Type: Jia Tan Chun
Although Tan Chun is the daughter of concubines, but she is very clever and competent. She is able to manage the huge mansion of Jia Family. She is an active and curious person. “Crabapple Poets Club” is her idea. Although she is asked to marry and move to another place, she still faces it positively and comfort her family. In today’s society, your talent will not be obstructed by the unfair regulations. You have the personalities like Tan Chun means that you are on the half way to success.

C Type: Jia Bao Chai
She is steady, generous and flexible. She treats different people with different ways. When she is facing Grandmother Jia and Lady Wang who have the high position in the family, she is obedient and respectful. When she is gets along with the other sisters, she shows up her steady and generous side. She is friendly to the servants in the mansion too. In nowadays society, she is the role model of being modest and friendly with high EQ. If you are this type of person, congratulation. You are not only the main character of the novel, you will also be the leader in the modern society. Although everyone has different opinions towards her working style, but it is not easy to achieve the good interpersonal relationship like her.

D Type: Qin Ke Qing
There is not much of description of Qin Ke Qing in the novel, we can only know that she feels guilty because of having illicit intercourse with her father-in-law, and lastly passed away because of severe sickness. From this, we can know that she is a very conservative person and lack of courage to resist what she not willing to do. (She doesn’t love her father-in-law, but she not dares to fight against him. This is totally different with Sister You which is brave enough to fight against power.) Ke Qing also like to over think on something that is unnecessary. You are advised that never allow people to do what they want on you, you should have your own principles, especially on those matters that related to your future. Think thoroughly before you make decision to avoid from being regret for the whole life.

E Type: Jia Yuan Chun
She has high status and can be regarded as the backing of Jia Family to be prosperous and wealthy. The novel doesn’t describe much on her personalities and she rarely appear in the novel. What we can know is she lives in the palace and she speak and acts in a good manner, and she has the qualities of empress which is elegant and arrogance. If you chose this answer, it means that regardless your family background, you are born with leadership. As long as you put effort, you will be able to success.

F Type: Jia Ying Chun
She is one of the family member in Jia Family, but she has a miserable fate. She is kind-hearted and weak; thus, she often being bullied. She is being tortured to death after one year she entered Sun Family. She is tolerance and she react a bit slow. If you chose this answer, it means that you are a kind girl, but you are a bit stubborn and naïve. You should get yourself ready to face the things that happened around you. No matter it is good or bad, you should face it with a strong heart.

G Type: Miao Yu
Miao Yu is lofty and unsociable, Dai Yu and Bao Chai both know she doesn’t like to talk much. She likes Bao Yu, but she not dares to confess to him. She is talented but she not willing to reveal it., actually she knows about poetry ang music. For those who choose this must be very talented with feeling of melancholy. You will be more attractive if you release your feeling, why you want to isolate yourself because of your talent? Just be outside the box.

H Type: Wang Xi Feng
Sister Feng is clever and capable to manage the whole mansion and it is not an easy job for a young woman. She is good to watch people’s mood and like to plan silently. She has a quick mind and be able to come out with different idea. She provides idea to let Bao Chai marries Bao Yu. Other than that, she treats relationship with others importantly. She takes care of the sisters in the mansion. If you chose this answer, then you must be a very capable person. You are capable and competent because of your talent. If you are not harsh and mean, then who else will success other than you?

I Type: Lin Dai Yu
Her personality verified what Bao Yu said: “woman is made from water”. She is clever and master poetry. She is a sensitive and sceptical, she produced “Lin Daiyu’s Elegy on Flowers” just because Bao Yu’s servant doesn’t open the door for her. She cries non-stop because of love. If you chose this answer, congratulation because you are the main character of the novel. Never dislike and avoid your ability. Although society nowadays need people like Sister Feng, but Sister Lin is also needed. This is because you have the good communication skill that is irreplaceable. Do something you like, maybe you will success.

J Type: Shi Xiang Yun
Shi Xiang Yun is the type of person who is straight forward and not to stick to trifles when handle things. She is passionate and friendly too. If there is more person like her in the world, then life would be more interesting. You will not be defeated easily by the pressure from life, and you have the personalities that make you popular among people.

K Type: Sister Qiao
She is daughter of Wang Xi Feng and she is rarely described in the novel. When she was a child, she exchanged her toy with other people. It means that she has an extrovert, naïve and playful personalities. She been helped by Granny Liu when Jia Family is facing difficulties. However, she has the awareness to save herself. If you chose this answer, please don’t look down upon yourself although you are not the main character in the novel. Qiao Jie’s personalities match this complicated society. She experienced the prosperity of her family when she was young, after some incidents had happened, she adjusted her mind and use another way to face the world again. People who ia having this kind of personalities can play as the competitor in the society.

L Type: Jia Xi Chun
Xi Chun has a very strange personality and a bit unsociable, which is similar to Miao Yu. Besides that, she is talented in drawing. She also like to take action alone and do something that shocks everyone (she become nun lastly). If you chose this answer, firstly, you must have some impressive talents. If you can be more friendly and easy going, you can easily find yourself a position in the society. It is nothing bad to be special, but not to be strange. Being special can help you to be different from others, but strange will make you apart from people. Don’t do the mistake like Xi Chun, be brave to play your strengths.


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