Are you in crisis to replace with someone?

replace with

Are you in crisis to replace with someone?

1) Are you a key man in your job position?
2) Are you equipped with professional ethics and work hard?
3) Do you work with team spirit among your teammates?
4) Is your boss a fussy person? Does he/she treat you good?
5) Do you get along well with your immediate superior?
6) If you used to be invited to discuss some major decision, how about now?
7) Do you being asked by management superior for opinion when they are making big decision?
8) Your company is planning to train you for a better job position and you had been told to be the candidate. Are you still being selected at last?
9) Please recall carefully, is there any change of personnel in the management? Are you one of the members of new management team?
10) Your boss tole everyone that suggestions and opinions are welcomed always. However, does he welcome your suggestions and opinions as well?
11) You supposed to be the one to handle the challenging task, but your superior always assign you to work in the lower level in your department?
12) You have not been informed by management team for anything, but management team seems mysterious and avoid to meet you face to face?
13) Previously, you always been complimented because of your well performance. But now, are you always been informed that you did not meet the expectation?
14) You found you lost interest in your job. Did you tell about it to anyone?
15) Are you the kind of person who always chatting in social media during working hour and like to ask for leave?
16) Are you the kind of person who only work hard without identify the direction?
17) Are you a smart person and envied by the people around you? Some of them are quite close with the management team.
18) You keep proposing solution to improve the department but all your proposal gain no response?
19) There is salary adjustment in your company but you are not given a raise. You are not satisfied about it and complain about it because you think you performed well?
20) Are you a snobbish person in your workplace who undergo secret deal?

Scoring method: 1 mark for “Yes” whereas 0 mark for “No” for Question 1 to 10; 0 mark for “Yes” whereas 1 mark for “No” for Question 11 to 20.

Test Results:

0-7 Marks: You are in danger to be fired. You are advised to plan ahead. It is really perilous if you don’t improve yourself.

8-14 Marks: You are in dangerous state that can be improved. However, you can learn a lesson through self-reflection and settle the problem that go against you.

15-20 Marks: This means that you are not in danger. However, you should always stay alert in this workplace full of change. You should grab and sit securely on your current position.


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