Will you be a responsible person?

responsible person

Responsibility is a main characteristic for a person which can restrain our own behaviors, improve ourselves, and make the world more harmonious and beautiful. Will you be a responsible person? Let us take a test below to see the result.

Begin the Test:

A weekend off, you go for a walk in a park, where do you choose to rest?

A) A seat beside a quiet path
B) A lake compassed with willows
C) A pavilion with many people
D) Under a big tree

Test Result:

• Choose A: You are the kind of person who is over-responsibility. No matter in work or in life, you always try to take responsibility to everything. However, sometimes you are forced to take responsibility, and you will be upset about it. You just cannot say no, therefore, every time you will take the responsibility.

• Choose B: You are responsible in a certain extent. Compared with type A, you just do your own business, and take your own responsibility. You don’t pass the buck, but you don’t over-responsibility either.

• Choose C: Because you’re used to it, you would like to pass the buck or ask for help rather than take your own responsibility. As time goes by, people will make comments to you and would not like to help you at all.

• Choose D: You don’t know what the responsibility is in your entire life. Therefore, if ask you in charge of security jobs, you will deny as soon as possible.You hate troublesome most, just want to have a quiet life without disturbed.


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