In the workplace, what should you rid it?

rid it

Everyone has a lot of expectations for the development of his work, but he is often hindered by some problems in himself. Getting rid it is any bad habit and throwing away some unnecessary things can make your career path more smooth. Here’s a look at what you should abandon. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

1)      Your friend says wants to introduce you very cute guy/girl, what do you think he/she will look like?

A) Clean, gentle (continue to question 4)

B) Very beautiful (handsome), which makes you at first sight (continue to question 22

2)      Later, this person invited you to a movie. What would you do?

A) Very happy, go right now (continue to question 6)

B) Feeling too unexpected (continue to question 3)

3)    That night, you dreamed of a person. Who would it be?

A) Your colleague (continue to question 5)

B) A stranger (continue to question 60)

4)    At school, male seniors always like female juniors, why is it?

A) Because junior girls are simple and innocent (continue to question 11)

B) Because junior girls are Lively and energetic (continue to question 7)

5)    At the work, someone passed an gossip of you with a colleague. Are you planning to do?

A) Explain myself (continue to question 6)

B) Ignore it (continue to question 8)

6)    If your company travels to the beach and you go to the water with a colleague of the opposite sex, what swimsuit do you plan to wear?

A) Sexy (continue to question 9)

B) Conservative (continue to question 7)

7)    At the company’s end the year party. A heterosexual colleague that you hate just have to dance with you, what will you do?

A) Refuse (continue to question 9)

B) Leave (continue to question 11)

8)    Great blessings, there are even two opposite sex at the same time love you, but they also often conflicted because of you, one day they suddenly quarreled, you intend to?

A) Stop them (continue to question 11)

B) Let’s them be, ignore it (continue to question 10)

9)      At the annual meeting, you love the opposite sex to invite you to dance together. What will you do?

A) Dance with him of course (continue to type A)

B) Just looking at him with deep affection, ashamed to go (continue to type B)

10) You don’t like that person, but seems like he/she’s very rich, will you date he (she)?

A) Yes (continue to type C)

B) No (continue to question 11)

11) You are always so quite in front of the person you like?

A) Yes (continue to type D)

B) No (continue to type E)

Test Result:

Type A:   In the workplace, you have to abandon the psychology of love. Don’t worry too much. Don’t always think about the pros and cons of success. Don’t always frown. Girls who like to smile are not too bad of luck. In fact, who do not want to face a person who is always preoccupied. Let yourself be calm, fight less, and pay more. What you will get in the future will be more and better. Moreover, life is alive and it is a blessing to suffer. Simple, reconcile, will win you more popularity and better career prospects.

Type B:   In the workplace, what you have to abandon is your old image. A good image will always give you extra points, and work is no exception. Maybe before, you didn’t have time to dress yourself up, always giving the impression of old age. Well, now it’s time to change. Saying goodbye to an image is to bid farewell to the past and embrace the future. Changes in the image will allow you to have more confidence in the workplace and win respect and love from others. Don’t take it lightly, or try to change it.

Type C:   In the workplace, what you need to change is your excessive material pursuit. In everything, you always assume that you can get material benefits. People feel that you are really material and tacky. In fact, you are only more pragmatic. However, it is still necessary to know that the pursuit of the material is not complete. Do not allow excessive material desires to drown out your eyes. Do not see the importance of emotional and spiritual life. Such a heavy material is also not conducive to the establishment of human relations. It is still not so material in the workplace. Let the boss have some confidence in your pursuit.

Type D:   In the workplace. What you need to abandon is all unrealistic fantasy. Perhaps because of various reasons, fantasy is so beautiful. The reality will inevitably cause you to feel a sense of falling. You have lost your bitterness and you have been troubled. But after all emotions, you have to face the reality. You often fall back on your normal job because of your illusions, which makes you very unhappy. Therefore, we must have less illusions and do more things to get good development. It is a good thing to have a dream, but if you want to act in a down-to-earth manner, the dream can come true.

Type E:    In the workplace, what you need to abandon is your power. You always love to “see people and serve”, to leadership

We welcome each other and set a good face for our colleagues. It gives us a very uncomfortable feeling. We must know that the equality of all people is not unreasonable, and it is necessary to make peace with people, not to envy your rights.


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