Do you know when to take right action at right time?

right action

In real life, there are people who can always evaluate the situation, and take the right action to set themselves at a favorable position. A person who can see the right opportunity will advance more smoothly in their career and other things in the life. You are one of those people? Let’s take this test and find out.


Begin the Test:

A vacation at a foreign country is the grand prize you give to yourself after the wedding, you and your loved one are still enjoying the newly wed sweetness, what kind of vacation house would like for you to enjoy your honeymoon?

A): A house with a nice view

B): A room with an extra large bed

C): Tourist hotel

D): Luxurious suite


Test Result:

Choose A:         You want someone to cooperate with you both in life and at job, where you be the good cop and the other person be the bad cop, and you two can complementary each other. You always appear so innocent, no one will question your sincerity, but actually, you just seem innocent. People think you are easy to talk to, that they can take advantage of you, but in reality, you are more shrewder than anyone!


Choose B:         You are too softhearted, all it take is a little cry to get you feel sorry for others, totally forget about your own family needs and give away half of your asset. You can never learn to be rational, you can’t determine your own thoughts, very easy to be manipulate by others, this is your biggest weakness. If you continue making same mistake, you will eventually lose everything.


Choose C:         You have the spirit of adventure, the courage to explore new market, a main force on the business battlefield. In the money game, the risk is very high, great courage is needed. You are very courageous, so you can have a pretty good harvest. And you are not someone who can’t afford to lose, you are willing to take the responsibility if an estimate error occur. Colleagues admire your actions as a responsible person, will not try to trick you when it comes to negotiating business, they will be honest with you so you wouldn’t suffer any losses.


Choose D:         You are a person who takes the matter on its merits, and you are very clear about this. You are susceptible to all kind of bribery, doesn’t matter what kind connection that person has towards you. People starting to understand your personality after couple tries, and stop play tricks. You have a good reputation because of your honest attitude, it also make you a equitable and respectful person.


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