Your mentality that hold you back from road to success

road to success

Your mentality that hold you back from road to success

You invited company A and company B to provided quotation to you for advertising a product you in charged. One day, you received a present with no sender name mentioned. But you know that it is sent from one of the companies. Which of the following is closest to your reaction?

A. Clarify who is the sender first, then reject it in a gentle way

B. Open the parcel first and see what is it. If it is something you like, then you will keep it

C. Discuss with your superior before making any decision

Test Results:

A. You are restricted by morality tends to be inflexible in handle things. Maybe because you were educated strictly by your parent, so you don’t dare to exceed the boundaries set. You should go beyond your boundaries if you wish to gain achievement in your career. However, subconsciously, you are fear to do it. You are advised to adjust yourself bit by bit.

B. You are greedy for small advantage. For those who choose this answer, they are inflexible towards their personalities. In your mindset, successful doesn’t mean you need to stay firm on your standpoint. Hence, you are not enthusiastic in your career. Please bear in mind that there are a lot of women who are still being in their workplace although they have their own children.

C. You have the mentality to depend on other or escape from the responsibilities. People who chose this answer tend to refuse to grow. In your mindset, you think that one should bear the responsibility to road to success. You are suggested to work hard for your career, maybe it might bring you windfall.


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