From roleplay chat to speculate your personality

roleplay chat

Nowadays, more and more people like to cosplay, which needs to roleplay chat of different characteristic. Cosplay is one of the direct way to show your personality. The following test is through the role you choose to speculate your personality. Ready? To go!

Begin the Test:

If ask you play a role of Snow White, which one will you choose to play?
A) Snow white
B) Dwarfs
C) The stepmother
D) The prince

Test Result:

• Choose A: You are as innocent as crystal. But you lack the basic alertness to the surroundings, and easy to be hurt.

• Choose B: You are a good person with warm heart. You have a lot of friends, while a few enemies. However, paying is not always equal to gaining. And also, you are a food person.

• Choose C: You are a very creative person and will make your own career. However, you are narrow-minded and jealous. You are usually thoughtful, exclusive and like to be flattered.

• Choose D: You are easily to trust others and make judgement basing on others appearance. This is maybe due to the unconfined about your own appearance.


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