How much damage does the rumour hurt you?


How much damage does the rumour hurt you?

If you can go to any place now and live there for a month, doing local research. Which place you would like to go?

A: Cultural country
B: Countryside village
C: Modern city
D: Primeval forest


A: Damage rate 65%. Although you will be affected by rumors, you will be alone in a state of emotional instability for a short time, but you will be better soon, because there are other more important things in life to distract your attention.

B: Damage rate 90%. You hate being misunderstood, you will be very angry, and keep things in your mind. After a long time, you will brew a strong grievance and reduce your trust in others.

C: Damage rate 40%. Your adaptability is very strong, but the problem is serious, you can take it easy. It’s immune to rumour, and those funny gossips are just the topic of your meal.

D: Damage rate 20%. You are a self-centred person. If you have a self-confidence, you will not care what others saying. You believe that no rumor lasts long. There is no need to worry so much.


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