Is your running status good?

running status

Everyday we have quite different running status based on different situations. A good status will help us achieve, if not, it will be available to destroy us. Then how is your current status? Let’s take a look at these questions to see your result.


Begin the Test:

If today is the first time you have a camera, the moment you got your camera, what kind of picture do you want to take?

A) The View that is in front of you right now

B) A passenger on the road

C) A group of people who are discussing a topic

D) A charming night view


Test Result:

Choose A:      Your current status can be described as “helpless” You encountered many unsatisfactory things, had a lot of frustrations, you are very sad. Maybe after a while, you will change, but if you fail again, you might be helpless for a while again. You often think you haven’t met the right people.


Choose B:      Your current status can be described as “enjoy: Maybe something happened a while ago that opened your mind to the world. You think life is too short, you’re tired of the serious life, want everyone to give up on competitions and to dive into life and enjoy life.


Choose C:      You feel a strong social responsibility right now, think that people should do good for the world, can’t just live for yourself. You are very energetic. You have a heart of the world, willing to take up the responsibilities in the society, and the people around you admire you for that.


Choose D:      You don’t see the ugliness in the reality, because you built a perfect world in your heart. If one day you encounter trouble, you will escape to your perfect world and live unrealistically.


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