What is your first reaction to sad thoughts on life?

sad thoughts on life

What is your first reaction to sad thoughts on life?

Over a series of final exam, you are really exhausted. You wanted to have a good rest, but a friend asked you to go to sea for a holiday. You decided to make decision depends on the weather. What kind of weather do you want to see when you wake up the next day?


A.    A hot day without clouds

B.    Cloudy and windy weather

C.     Sky full of dark clouds, like it is going to rain

D.    Sunny day with many special shaped clouds


Test Results:


A.    When you are sad, all you want to do is to escape the pain for a while. Because you can’t react to what is happening in the first place, you need to spend a lot of time face the problem. You will first use alcohol and other narcotic methods to reduce the impact of sadness on you.

B.    It is not as easy as you might think, although you may want to distract yourself from the sadness for a while. You will travel or hide where no one knows you. However, the temporary escape will not really solve your sadness. A trip can be a memorable trip.

C.     You need to figure it out for yourself because no matter how people advise you, but still unable to comfort you. You may have a strong exterior image, but deep inside you are fragile. Your stubbornness makes you unwilling to face your own injury in the face of others. You will only sulk alone and not want to communicate with others.

D.    In fact, you are a very pure person. Although you want to hide your wounds with strength, but it is not easy for you. You may use a moment of happiness to forget your pain, but once you come across something that has something to do with the past, it will cause you feel hurt.


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