Know your current science of life

science of life

Know your current science of life

You are going to meet your friend at an art museum, but your friend is coming late. So, you are alone in the art museum and start to look around in the museum. There are a lot of art works there, which kind of drawings are you interested in?

A. Still life painting
B. Naked painting
C. Scenery panting
D. Abstract painting
E. Portrait painting
F. Ink and wash painting

Test Results:

A. Every day, you have endless task to do, twenty-four hours per day is not enough for you. Thus, you wish to have more time to complete all the tasks. You are truly a workaholic.

B. You live a repeating nine-to-five life. After a certain period, you start to get tired of this kind of life. You wish to have something exciting or something new to change your science of life. However, you should seek fun yourself, try to pay more attention in your life, you will find there is some changes in your life.

C. You chose scenery painting means that you hope to gain a peace mind. This might because you are too stress and causing you to suffer from insomnia or become hot temper. Try to get yourself a few days to rest and stay calm, it could help.

D. You seek for more freedom, you hate rules and regulations. Currently, are you been bothered by some regulations set by company, society moral standard or pressure from marriage? Just take it easy.

E. You are a person who lack of self-confident, and you are very depending on others. When you are facing problem, usually you don’t settle it by yourself, but you will seek help from others. Currently, you wish there is a person that you can rely on. Bear in mind, don’t over relying on others and eventually you will lose your ability to make decision for your own.

F. Even though you stay in big city for few years, but you long for village life. You hope to have a simple life in a village that is full of human kindness without competing with others.


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