Knowing your personality and taste to select cars

select cars

Price of cars decreased in the end of the year. You have been planning to buy a car all this while, are you going to get yourself to select cars with lower price? If yes, which type of car is your first choice?

A.    Fuel efficient car

B.     Imported car

C.     Jeep

D.    Wagon car

E.     Luxury car

F.     Convertible car

G.    Coupe


Test Result:

A.    As the price of fuel keep increasing, most of the people hope their vehicle can be fuel efficient to save money. So, if you chose this kind of car, it means that you are a realistic person. For you, you understand that the carefree childhood has passed. Now, you should dress well and behave gracefully. You don’t care much on how to earn fame and wealth, instead, the fame and wealth you have now is what you care the most.

B.     You doubt the quality of the domestic cars. The propaganda of patriotism can hardly influence you because it is impossible for you to sacrifice your own interests for the country. Maybe you are thinking of having a Sony television, a Sanyo telephone answering machine and a Nikon camera.

C.     You make your own way and left other people behind in the cloud of smoke and dust. A jeep be able to bring you to a lot of places that other vehicles couldn’t. The jeep is as tough as you and it is reason of its existence. You need no air conditioner, nice finish, power steering and autonomous braking. You only need a cigarette between your sunburnt cracked lips.

D.    You might be a suburbanite; thus, a wagon car helps you a lot in personal and public affairs. Such as: carrying groceries, sending kids to school, carry and cart away the paint containers and gardening tools, fetch your husband at the train station and so on. All this description shows your personality is similar to a hardworking middle class American.

E.     You might be either pretty wealthy or very poor. However, you enjoy to seems like a wealthy person. You wish to perform distinctive from the others and be an influencer. The tendency can be seen from the cutting of your clothing and the size of your house. Your sense of success mainly came from the compliment of others but not sincere self-affirmation. You feel uncomfortable the whole day once you saw others drive a Rolls-Royce.

F.     You don’t want to be isolated, so, you treat your car as solid balloon made of glass and steel. For sure, you hope the world can get into your car, light breeze blows through your hair and your brows kissed by sunlight. You enjoy the free and easy and manliness image brought by the wagon car. Maybe you are in the age of fifty, but you want the whole world knows that you are still alive.

G.    People will become your captive once they get into your car as there is no door to escape. Coupe has a certain attraction for control freak. When you are in control of the other’s life, you won’t care about their feelings as long as you feel comfortable.


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