Test whether you are suitable for politics or self work

self work

Everyone has different qualifications and opportunities, and the path of life played is different. Are you suitable as a boss or a self work one? Take a look at the test below.


Begin the Test:

Natural disasters are inevitable. Then, which of the following disasters are you most afraid of seeing?

A) The destruction of the earth

B) Earthquake and tsunami

C) Killed during exploration


Test Result:

Choose A:      Explain that you are born with the power of politics. Maybe, you haven’t found yourself with such a talent yet, but you do have such ability. Waiting for an opportunity will highlight your ability. This all stems from your strong sense of responsibility, a big view of the situation, and the ability to see the direction of the future.


Choose B:      Explain that you are very ambitious. You are very sensitive, and the changes around you are easily captured. Whether you are self-employed or entrepreneurial, you will find opportunities that will benefit you in a timely manner. This will help your career development. However, your personality is fickle, your ability to manage your emotions is poor, and it may be detrimental to your career.


Choose C:      Explain that you are a person who is striving for stability. It is not suitable for starting a business because you have to take risks. If you are in politics, you also lack the ability to fight. Therefore, you are still the most suitable employee. You are honest and will do your job well. In fact, such concentration of work and life is also a beautiful thing.


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