Will you show mercy to people if you are right?

show mercy

There’s an old saying, with justice on your side, you can go anywhere; without it, you can’t take a step. But for some people, they don’t show mercy to those in the wrong when justice is on their side, it even get to a disgusting point. Do you have this problem? Let’s take the test below and find out.


Begin the Test:

Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question; please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer until you reached your type.


  1. Are you good at rejecting people?

No (continue to question 3)

Yes (continue to question 2)


2. Are you a pride person?

No (continue to question 4)

Yes (continue to question 3)


3. Will you stay away from someone when you felt that person is stronger than you?

No (continue to question 5)

Yes (continue to question 4)


4. During a debate, doing like keep talking until other people can’t talk back?

No (continue to question 6)

Yes (continue to question 5)


5. Do you sometimes want your life to be controlled by someone?

No (continue to question 7)

Yes (continue to question 6)


6. Do you never change your view of people?

No (continue to question 8)

Yes (continue to question 7)


7. Have you ever felt you “saved” a friend?

No (continue to question 8)

Yes (continue to question 9)


8. Is your emotion often controlled by frustration and sadness?

No (continue to question 10)

Yes (continue to question 9)


9. Are you a person without a goal?

No (continue to Type B)

Yes (continue to Type A)


10. Do you think you are childish?

No (continue to Type D)

Yes (continue to Type C)


Test Result:

Type A:     Fortunately, you are not one of those people, you know when to stop, doesn’t usually give people an aggressive feeling. Therefore, you are a very sociable person, don’t usually offend people.


Type B:     You take a lot of pride of yourself, afraid to lose faces. You don’t show much mercy to people in front of a crowd, but when you are along, you will calm down and view matters more objectively.


Type C:     You are a pretty reasonable person, wouldn’t embarrass people on purpose. But sometime, when you are hurt and under a lot of pressure, you will vent your emotions where others cannot bear.


Type D:     You are unstable, everything is depending on your mood. When you are in a good mood, you can bear almost anything, but if just happen you are in a bad mood, once the justice is on your side, you will continue on until the others are convinced.


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