Do you have signs of a loner?

signs of a loner

Do you have signs of a loner?

If you just married, what kind of pattern of sofa you will choose to place in the living room of new home?


A.    Scottish tartan

B.    Shell printed pattern

C.     Floral printed pattern

D.    Geometric printed pattern

E.     Angel printed pattern


Test Results:


A.    Fear of loneliness

You are easy-going, and you emphasize kindness. You cherish your family and friends very much. For you, loneliness is worse than having conflict with others. You like to spread warmth to the people around you, and there is a lot of laughter whenever you are. Taking care of others is your strong point.

B.    Fear of loneliness but love loneliness

You love peace and quiet environment. At the same time, you enjoy seeing people gathering with laughter. You are sensitive to emotion, sometimes you feel heavy about the joys and sorrows of life. You love people, love the earth, and you know what humanity is. The most important thing is you should accept the love from the people around you.

C.     Hate for being lonely and hope to be surrounded by people

You are sociable, but kind of vain. You want your audience to hear you and you want to be the centre of attention. But you always isolate yourself in a group of people. This part of you make others feel confused.

D.    Be able to stand for loneliness

You are an individualist, which is always cool and realistic. In your eyes, a couple is just a combination of two different personalities. In fact, it is a good idea because you no need to worry about the emotion issue. You don’t need to please other purposely. What you need to do is be respectful and considerate.

E.     Please learn to live alone

You are afraid of loneliness. You need to stay in the crowd to make you comfortable. But the busier you are, the lonelier your heart will be. The closer you are to people, the stronger your feelings become. Maybe you can find spiritual sustenance in art or religion.



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